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Student Activities

Throughout Orana Wildlife Park we have a large number of live cameras to allow us to keep a close eye on all the animals. Some of these cameras have been made available for you to enjoy along with pages scripted to let you study the animals behaviour through Focal Animal or Scan Sampling techniques.


Whether you do the activity or not the links below allow you to see into the Park and watch some of your favourite animals:

Porcupine Study (Focal Animal)
Porcupine Study (Scan Sampling)
Spider Monkey Study (Focal Animal)
Spider Monkey Study (Scan Sampling)
Meerkat Study (Focal Animal)
Meerkat Study (Scan Sampling)
Learn the birdsongs
  Test your birdsong knowledge
Do an Orana Jigsaw Puzzle
  Too easy? Then try this version instead!
How good is your memory? Match the animals on the cards
What about a game of meerkat bingo?